Borrowing Policy

Borrowers must have a valid library card in good standing to check out materials.

All Ohio residents are eligible to obtain a free Fairfield County District Library (FCDL) card.

To obtain a library card or replacement card, adults 18 years of age and older must present a photo I.D. and proof of current address. Without photo I.D. or proof of current address, the customer can be offered a Limited Access Card.

To obtain a library card or replacement card for a child under the age of 6, a parent or guardian must accompany the child and present a photo I.D. and proof of current address to issue the child’s library card. If the parent or guardian has a FCDL account, it must be in good standing in order to obtain a Library card for their preschooler.

To obtain a library card or replacement card for a minor aged 6-17, a parent or guardian must accompany the minor and present a photo id and proof of current address to issue the minor’s library card. Parents must sign the application for their child and accept full responsibility for the card being issued. Upon registration for a library card for a minor, the parent or guardian may authorize the minor to change their own PIN and to obtain a subsequent replacement card.

A driver’s license or other photo identification or the in-app digital library card may be used to checkout in lieu of the actual library card. If a photo is added to the library customer’s account, that photo is considered a valid ID.

A PIN (personal identification number) will be assigned to each account and will be needed to access the account online, to use the self-checkout, or to use in-house computers. To protect a Library account and personal information, customers should not disclose PINs to others. PINS are immediately encrypted. A photo ID is requested and the account holder must verify account information to change a PIN.

Each customer may designate one authorized user on their account. This authorization allows that person to check out materials on the account including checking out items on hold for the card holder. Authorized users may not access the Internet using the account. The parent or guardian of record on a minor’s account is automatically authorized to use the account. The parent or guardian of record may designate one other person as an authorized user on the account.

Lost/stolen library cards should be reported at once to the Library. The customer is responsible for any materials checked out up to the time the card is reported lost or stolen. To avoid missing any overdue, hold or other messages from the Library, customers should report any address, phone or email changes to the Library immediately. The Library will make every effort to provide reminders, notices, and receipts about their accounts to customers; however, customers are ultimately responsible to pay any fees associated with their accounts regardless of the ability of the Library to provide checkout receipts or other notices.

Materials checked out are due back as follows:
Books – within 21 days
Audiobooks and Playaways – within 21 days
Music CDs – within 21 days
Magazines – within 21 days
Nonfiction DVD – within 21 days
Fiction DVD – within 7 days
TV DVDs – within 21 days
Children’s DVD – within 7 days
Launchpads – within 7 days
WiFi Hotspots – within 14 days
Museum Passes – per organization guidelines
Safety Cones – within 14 days

No more than two (2) Launchpad may be checked out at one time. No more than one (1) hotspot may be checked out at one time.

A customer may borrow a total of one hundred (100) library items at one time on their account. A receipt listing material due dates is offered at the time of checkout. Account status is available online on the Library’s website.

Most FCDL items may be renewed up to five (5) times provided the items are not on hold for another customer. Materials may be renewed online, by telephone, or in person. Eligible items will be automatically renewed, provided they are not on hold for another customer and have not reached the limit of (5) renewals.

Borrowers under age 18 will have limited borrowing privileges for DVDs and digital resources unless given signed consent by a parent/guardian for broader access. Parents/guardians of record can add/update this consent to their child’s library card at any library location at any time. A photo I.D. will be required to update any library account information.

It is the right and responsibility of parents to guide their own family’s library use while allowing other parents to do the same. The library offers parents the ability to choose a borrowing level which can limit their own child’s access to DVDs. Decisions about what materials are suitable for particular children should be made by the people who know them best, their parents or guardians.

Selection is an inclusive process, in which librarians seek materials that will provide a broad range of viewpoints and subject matter. This means that while library collections have thousands of items families want, like, and need, they also will have materials that some parents may find offensive to them or inappropriate for their children. Because an item is selected does not mean the librarian endorses or promotes it. They are simply helping the library to fulfill its mission of providing information from all points of view. Parents are encouraged to learn as much about a film or book as possible before they permit their children to view or read it.

This policy pertains to physical materials owned by the Fairfield County District Library. Materials borrowed from other libraries through library resource sharing may not designate DVDs in the same manner. Electronic movies are not restricted by the card access levels established by the FCDL.

The library assumes no responsibility for damage caused to a borrower’s DVD, computer, or other audiovisual equipment.

Copyright laws limit DVD and music CDs to home viewing and listening only and prohibits their duplication. Do not copy, tamper with, or alter these materials in any way.

Lost Materials and Fees:
There is no fee for an Ohio resident to obtain a FCD Library card.

There are no daily incremental fines for overdue items borrowed at any FCDL locations, except items borrowed at FCDL from statewide networks SearchOhio and OhioLINK, which have their own loan terms.

Items that are 30 or more days overdue will be considered “Lost” and charged to the customer’s account at the original cost to the library plus a processing fee of $2.00. Reimbursement/credit for the cost of materials and processing will only be made for lost items that are returned within one (1) year of the lost date.

For up to one (1) year from the lost date, in lieu of paying a lost materials charge, a customer may choose to replace a lost or damaged item with an identical item in good condition. The processing fee will still be collected when an item is replaced.

The cost to replace/repair A/V material returned with a damaged case, missing cover or missing booklet is $2.00.

There is no fee for requesting and receiving materials.

Customers with fees totaling more than $10.00 or with more than four (4) overdue items checked out will have their library borrowing privileges blocked until the fee is paid and/or the materials are returned.

A non-refundable collection fee will be charged to a customer when lost material charges are sent to the library’s collection agency.

Outreach/Homebound Services
In order to ensure that all citizens have access to basic library services, the Fairfield County District Library will offer delivery of library materials within our service area to residents who are homebound due to illness or disability. Books (including large print), audio books, music CDs, and DVDs are selected by a library staff member based on each user’s interests then delivered free of charge to the customer.

Homebound customers may borrow a maximum of one hundred (100) items at one time.

A customer must meet one or more of the following criteria to qualify for homebound service:

  • Has a permanent condition that prohibits them from safely visiting the Library.*
  • Has a temporary health situation (medical leave due to surgery, etc.) that prohibits them from safely visiting the Library. Service will be provided until recovery is complete.*
  • Resides in a nursing care facility, whether temporary or permanent.

*A medical or caregiver’s certification is required to receive homebound service. Library staff may also
certify eligibility.

Agency Borrowing
Agencies such as nursing homes and extended care facilities may apply to have collections of materials delivered free of charge to their facility on a regular basis. In addition, an agency card may be used by authorized staff to come to the library to select materials for residents or for agency use. Local preschool and child care centers may also request delivery of age-appropriate books or apply for agency card accounts. Each agency may have up to one hundred (100) items checked out at one time.

Limited Access Borrowing
A Limited Access Card entitles the cardholder to borrow up to three (3) items at one time on the library account. A Limited Access Account also provides for Internet access, digital downloads, full renewal access and hold access.

Limited Access borrowing is available to those age 18 and over who are unable to secure a regular Full Access account due to being unable to provide proof of address or identification. Accounts in good standing may be converted into a Full Access account once proof of current address and valid identification are provided.

A PIN (personal identification number) will be required and needed to access the account online, to use the self-checkout, or to use in-house computers.

A designated authorized user will not be permitted on a Limited Access Account.

Those under the age of 18 are eligible to receive a Kids Card, which have different criteria and limitations than a Limited Access Card.

Passed by Resolution Number: 24-23
Date: February 21, 2023