Mobile Printing

You can send print jobs to any FCDL location from your laptop, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Print jobs can be picked up during normal operating hours.

•Black & white: 10 cents per page
•Color: 40 cents per page

NOTE: It can take between 2-5 mins for the print job to show at the print release station.

Print using web app:

1.Select your location below.
2. On the next page choose your printer (Black and white or Color), add your email address, attach the file to print.
3. Click on the arrow to proceed.
4. It will show you the number of pages and cost. Click on the green printer icon and the print job will send.
5. Go to the Print Release station at your library. Click on Release a Print Job.
6. Put in your email address to see\release the print job.

Select your Location

Print using email 

Sending an email to the address below will send the email and the attachment as a print job. Please check the print preview at the print release station to choose what you want to print.

Select your location

Print using Smartphone or Tablet

To print from a smartphone or tablet you can follow the steps below. If you do not want to download an app you can also follow the instructions for use via laptop further down the page.

1. Go to your device’s app store and download the PrinterOn app. 
2. Tap ‘No Printer Selected’
3. Then tap ‘Location’ and select the location where you would like to pick up your print job.
3. Tap ‘Documents\photos’ or other options from within the app.
4. Locate and tap on the ‘document\photo’ etc. you wish to print.
5. Tap Print and enter your email address. You will use your email address to pick up your print job at the location.
6. Submit your job and wait for confirmation that your job has been processed.
7. Stop by your selected location to retrieve your print job within 48 hours.