Subscription Bundles

Spend more time reading and less time choosing. Request a subscription bundle! Subscription bundles offer a variety of reading materials for all ages. Just tell us a bit about what you like to read, what you’ve read lately, and what you don’t want and we’ll put together a collection of books (5-8 for kids, 3-6 for teens and adults) based on that information. Each bundle includes a little something extra just for fun!

  • To sign up, choose your age group below and fill out the form on the next page.
  • Every month, you’ll be notified when your bundle is ready to be picked up.
  • You may discontinue your subscription at any time by contacting your library branch.
  • For specific titles, please place your own holds through our online catalog or call your preferred branch.

Choose your age group below, fill out the form on the next page, and we’ll take it from there!