Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Fairfield County District Library is a nonprofit, educational organization of people who love libraries. The Friends support the library in many ways including volunteering, sponsoring special events and programs, and operating the used bookstore Books & Such. The Friends of the Library also promote community awareness of library services and serve as advocates for adequate funding for public libraries.

The Garret Players are an offshoot of the Friends of the Fairfield County District Library. They perform free staged-readings on the 3rd floor of the Main Library with donations to the Friends of the Library accepted.

Books & Such

Books & Such is located just inside the front door of the Main Library. It sells gently used books, CDs, and movies. All proceeds help fund activities and services at the Library. Book store hours are:

  • Open daily: 1 PM – 4 PM

Friends Luncheon 2019

Friends of the Fairfield County District Library Volunteer Luncheon

Volunteers from the Friends of the Fairfield County District Library staff the main library’s book store, field questions at the help desk, and lend assistance for receptions and events. They were honored at an April 25 luncheon in the library’s third-floor garret, including welcomes from our new library director Becky Shaade and Friends President Michelle Garlinger and board member Sandy Lilly.

To keep everyone filled and happy Four Reasons Deli and Bakery made box lunches served and devoured upon tables decorated with books placed thereupon to remind the hungry volunteers that the soul must also be nourished.

The guest speaker, Trisha Clifford-Sprouse, is the former director of Lancaster’s Decorative Arts Center of Ohio and an artist whose inspiration derives from the form and construction of ancient books, which in the first few centuries AD gradually changed from the romantic but awkward scroll to the modern codex. Along the way they morphed into little tents, leather-covered cylinders, stacks of cards bound with string, and highly-decorated parchments from second-century Ethiopia that fold up like washing-machine instructions. Most were on display for the guests.

Good libraries need good friends. You can become a Friend of the Fairfield County District Library for as little as $5 a year. Print, complete and mail the application, along with your membership dues, to:

Friends of the Fairfield County District Library
219 N. Broad St.
Lancaster, OH 43130-0837