May is about to bring you some new movies!

Date posted: April 26, 2019, 5:12 pm

Starring: Ben Dickey, Alia Shawkat, Charlie Sexton
A reimagining of the life and times of Blaze Foley, the unsung songwriting legend of the Texas Outlaw Music movement.

Starring: Sofia Boutella, Romain Guillermic, Souhelia Yacoub
French dancers gather in a remote, empty school building to rehearse on a wintry night. The all-night celebration morphs into a hallucinatory nightmare when they learn their sangria is laced with LSD.

Gloria Bell
Starring: Sean Astin, Julianne Moore, Alanna Ubach
A free-spirited woman in her 50s seeks out love at L.A. dance clubs.

Hotel Mumbai
Starring: Dev Patel, Armie Hammer, Nazanin Boniadi
The true story of the Taj Hotel terrorist attack in Mumbai. Hotel staff risk their lives to keep everyone safe as people make unthinkable sacrifices to protect themselves and their families.

Starring: Thomas Carr, Maria Petrano
Mr. Hollis is Bert’s uncle and businessman. Mr. Hollis is unhappy with the fact that an elephant rivals his nephew, but he asks the jungle doctor for help. For Dr. Jumbo he writes a cursed prescription and Jumbo begins to lose his memory. Unable to remember even the simplest things, Jumbo wants to withdraw from the competition. But his friends prevent him and go to seek help from a dinosaur.

The Kid
Starring: Chris Pratt, Vincent D’Onofrio, Ethan Hawke
The story of a young boy who witnesses Billy the Kid’s encounter with Sheriff Pat Garrett.

Leprechaun Returns
Starring: Taylor Spreitler, Pepi Sonuga, Linden Porco
The Leprechaun returns once again, when a group of girls unwillingly awaken him, when they tear down a cabin so that they can build a new sorority house.

Madonna and the Breakfast Club
Starring: Denisa Juhos, Jamie Auld, Jordan Loew
The documentary story of Madonna’s struggling days in New York with her first band “Breakfast Club,” leading up to her first solo record deal.

The Mysterious Note
Starring: Alex Aguilera, Natash Diaz-Potter, Rich Aquilera
A reluctant family accompanies their businessman father to a small town. His mission is to repossess a hardware store that is run using “unusual financial practices”. When his son meets a couple of local kids, together they discover a mysterious note that might change everything if they can unravel the mystery in time.

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase
Starring: Sophia Lillis, Zoe Renee, Mackenzie Graham
A bit of an outsider struggling to fit into her new surroundings, Nancy and her pals set out to solve a mystery, make new friends, and establish their place in the community.

Ramen Shop
Starring: Tsuyoshi Ihara, Seiko Matsuda, Takumi Saitoh
A young man who is curious about his deceased parents’ past takes a food journey to Singapore where he uncovers more than just delicious meals.

Run the Race
Starring: Mykelti Williamson, Frances Fisher, Kristoffer Polaha
Against the backdrop of high school football and track, two brothers in a small Southern town face escalating problems with two different world views, straining – but ultimately strengthening – the bonds of brotherhood.

Shoah: Four Sisters
Starring: Claude Lanzmann, Paula Biren, Ruth Elias
Four interviews done in the 1970s with women who survived the Holocaust.

Storm Boy
Starring: Jai Courtney, Geoffrey Rush, Chantal Contouri
When Michael Kingley, a successful retired businessman starts to see images from his past that he can’t explain, he’s forced to remember his childhood and how, as a boy, he rescued and raised an extraordinary orphaned pelican, Mr Percival.

A Madea Family Funeral
Starring: Tyler Perry, Cassi Davis, Patrice Lovely
A joyous family reunion becomes a hilarious nightmare as Madea and the crew travel to backwoods Georgia, where they find themselves unexpectedly planning a funeral that might unveil unsavory family secrets.

What Is Democracy
Starring: William Barber, Wendy Brown, Angela Davis
This documentary examines the philosophy behind the concept of Democracy, from ancient Athens to modern Greece and the American Civil Rights movement.