Extended Elevator Outage at Main Library

Date posted: March 23, 2023, 11:56 am

On March 21, 2023, the OTIS Elevator Company conducted a “leak down” test on the elevator at the Main Library of the Fairfield County District Library. From this test, it was determined that the elevator’s hydraulic cylinder is cracked. This requires a replacement of the entire hydraulic cylinder and piston, which is an extensive repair project. The elevator is unable to be in service until these repairs are completed, due to safety regulations. It is estimated that this project could take as long as four months to complete. Stairway access to all floors of the library will be maintained during this repair project. We anticipate that some portions of this repair project will result in louder than average noise levels within the library.

For customers who are unable to use the stairs, library services remain available. Staff can retrieve items located on another floor for customers. We have added public computers in the Historical Room, located on the first floor, to allow all customers to continue to have Internet access. Curbside Pickup service is available for all customers, but may be particularly useful for those unable to use the stairs. Visiting one of the library’s branch locations is also an option, with all of our branches serving customers on a single level. Branches are located in Amanda, Baltimore, Bremen, and Carroll.

The Library understands that the extended elevator outage is a serious obstacle for customers. We are doing all we can to have these repairs finished as quickly as possible, but it is an extensive project that will require several months to complete. We appreciate your patience and understanding.