Adaptive Toys

Date posted: January 29, 2015, 2:02 pm

Adaptive toys are toys that are either made especially for children with special needs, or are “off the shelf” toys that are adapted to meet the needs of children with disabilities. Play serves a critical role in child development, and toys are the tools of play. Children learn cause and effect through play and develop their fine and gross motor skills. Adapted toys make the world of play accessible to children with disabilities.

You can find these toys at the Early Literacy Center at the Northwest Branch. They include:

cuckoo-clock Cuckoo Clock
Introduces concepts of time, letters and numbers. Listen to songs, fun sounds or phrases about letters, numbers and more.
shape-switch Shape Switch with Music Box
Use to activate toys or play soothing music. When the child inserts the correct shapes into place, a pleasant tune plays.
mirror-switch Peek-a-Boo Mirror Switch
Mirror provides tactile and visual reinforcement. Beads will activate lights, vibration and music. The chains provide tactile stimulation.
saucer-dome-switch Saucer Dome Switch
Press the rim on the dome to make glitter swirl around while music, lights and vibrations reward the user. Also acts as a switch.
busy-gear Busy Gear
Connect your capability switch and our brightly colored gears play music and entertain with a light show. Gears are interchangeable.
busybox Textured Carousel Busy Box
Six textured pads reward the user with sensory stimulation. It spins on a Lazy Susan base. Pads respond to the slightest touch.
carnival-tube Carnival Tube
A swipe at the mounted tube creates lights, music and vibration. Watch and listen as multi-colored beads and lights cascade.
bubble-busy-box Bubble Busy Box
Buttons and pull ball activate vibration, lights or music. Develops eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and gross arm movements.
see-and-say See & Say
This toy is mounted on a base and angled it for easy access. With the adapted T-shaped handle, kids can activate the messages.