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Symbolism: Combining Art & Science Closes

Date:  Saturday, July 6, 2013  10:00am - 5:00pm
Type:  Art Exhibit
Location:  Main Library

Symbols are all around us; so much so that we hardly give them much thought. They're on the side of the road as we drive our cars, on our computer screens, and in the businesses we patronize. We encounter, as well, more specialized symbols in our individual professions and pastimes.

There is beauty in symbols on two levels. First is an aesthetic appeal, the graceful curve of circular form to the geometric poetry of lines and angles. There is also a deeper, more cerebral elegance in the forms. It lies in their ability to convey complex concepts and ideas in a way that is simple and succinct.

Because of its importance in our lives and my own personal interest, the symbols I have chosen to depict are from the field of science. Representations from the realms of physics, chemistry, engineering are included here. All of the paintings are done in acrylic on unprimed canvas.